Wednesday, February 6, 2008

America is Going Outside Less and Less

A lot of issues are important to voters in the recent and upcoming elections. And for the first time, it looks like environmental issues are actually one of them. In exit poll after exit poll, environment is listed right up there with economy, national security, health care... go us. Captain Planet is finally getting his message across.

Or is he?

A new study released recently suggests that the number of Americans spending time in the outdoors every year has declined rapidly since the early ninteen ninties.

Oddly enough, it's only been recently that the "green" movement has really taken off. So why the dichotomy? How is it possible that people can claim to care more and more about climate change, electric cars, and solar power while visiting the natural world less and less?

Come on Georgia. Lets put our money where our mouth is. Our state is absolutely filled to the brink with natural wonders. And talk about variety! We've got beaches, mountains, piedmont, swamps, rivers, lakes, canyons, and caves. There is a state park within an hour drive of you no matter where you live in the state. So go outside and take a walk. Ride a bike. Climb a mountain. Drag all of those paint cans and miscilanous power tools out of that canoe, dust it off, and put it in the water.

Get out and get a little taste of what it has suddenly become trendy to care about. You might find that the nature of your concern changes in a subtle but significant way.

Just as long as you are back inside and in front of your television in time to watch Georgia Outdoors. : )

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