Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Environmental Education and Georgia Outdoors

I just got back from the Environmental Education Alliance's Annual Conference where I gave a presentation entitled "Behind the Scenes, Georgia Outdoors" to an assortment of traditional and non-traditional environmental educators. Many of us in that room got our first taste of environmental work as children by watching wonderful natural history television programming like the Jacques Cousteau programs, Nature and National Geographic and maybe, just maybe, Georgia Outdoors.

I'm lucky to work on a television program like Georgia Outdoors and I was lucky to be able to share my experiences with those at the conference. I hope to post my presentation on this blog in the very near future so check back often. In the meantime to learn more about the EEA please visit their website at www.eealliance.org.


Anonymous said...

I grew up watching the Cousteau specials and Wild Kingdom on TV. Did you know that Jim Fowler of Wild Kingdom fame grew up in South Georga? He designed the zoo at Chehaw Park in Albany, GA. He also employed a young Jack Hanna at his family's farm at Mud Creek taking care of Jim's collection of exotic animals.

Keely said...

Yes, I did know that. And what a wonderful legacy for Georgia. In fact, Mr Fowler's Mud Creek farm is/was just around the corner from my husband's family's place on Gillionville Rd. The Muse Farm was sold several years ago but I did enjoy a brief opportunity to meet Mr Fowler and visit his farm.

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