Friday, May 23, 2008

Get Out to a State Park This Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a great chance to visit one of Georgia's state parks (an hour drive or less for everybody in Georgia!) for a host of good times: picnics, cookouts, hiking, biking, and so on.

Many towns have smaller trails and nature areas that aren't associated with any kind of park system. These "little trails" are great opportunities to explore and learn more about your local area. (As usual, use caution, tell people where you are going, always take a map of the area, whistle, knife, etc.)

I myself am taking the long weekend to explore some trails in the south metro area on my mountain bike. I plan on limping into the office on Tuesday with a few bruises and at least one scrape to show for my efforts.

Leave a comment and talk about what you used the weekend for! We're always interested in what Georgia residents are up to in the great outdoors!


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