Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wild Fact: Cougars

Cougar, mountain lion, puma, panther, and even painter are all common names used when referring to "Puma concolor." This large cat ranges from the Canadian Northwest, across the western half of the US, and southward through most of South America. The cougar’s wide distribution may explain why it has more common names than any other animal, with 40 names in English alone.

Because this species requires such huge continuous areas of habitat and since development is so rampant, the only confirmed population in the eastern US is that of the endangered Florida Panther. Confined to the southern tip of Florida (about 5% of its historic Southeast range), less
than 100 remain in the wild today.


Anonymous said...

I am curious about several sightings of a very large dark colored feline in Candler county.

Anonymous said...

I recently went to the Okefenokee and the guide for the boat tours clamed to have seen 5 cougars in that area.2 were tan in color the other 3 were black