Friday, October 17, 2008

Tonight on Georgia Outdoors: Backyard Habitat

Georgia Outdoors: Backyard Habitat
Friday, Oct 17, 9:30 PM
Saturday, Oct 18, 6 PM

Our world is becoming increasingly urbanized and as we pave our way across the land, native ecosystems are affected. Habitat loss is the number one cause of wildlife population declines, and over the years, commercial and residential development have pushed a number of Georgia’s species to the brink of extinction. But, there are a few things you can do around the house to make a difference by making your yard more wildlife friendly: providing food, water and shelter for birds, and planting native plants helps attract more wildlife to your backyard.

First, we take the The Audubon Society wildlife sanctuary tour. The Atlanta Audubon Society is one of the most active organizations in Georgia helping to encourage people to create wildlife sanctuaries right in their backyards. In fact, in Atlanta residents can have their yards certified as a wildlife habitat.

Another place that’s making a difference is a unique housing development on coastal Georgia. It is a place that rises above and beyond the “typical” golf community. It is home to lush coastal woodlands, a variety of wildlife, an Audubon Certified Golf Course and an environmentally active community.

Bird watching and gardening are great ways to experience the joys of nature right in your own backyard during the day, but the enjoyment doesn’t have to stop just because the sun sets. Backyard campouts are another way to experience outdoor adventure in your very own yard. Each June, the National Wildlife Federation sponsors the Great American Backyard Campout, a nation-wide event designed to make kids aware of the wilderness right outside their door. We joined Sustaining Urban Villages at the Outdoor Activity Center as they hosted their own backyard campout.

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