Friday, November 21, 2008

All New! Georgia Outdoors: Kayak

Georgia Outdoors: Kayak

Friday, Nov 21, 9:30 PM
Saturday, Nov 22, 6 PM
Tuesday, Nov 25, 7:30 PM

Developed by the Inuit culture more than a thousand years ago, the kayak has held a long indelible attraction for outdoor adventurers. Whether it’s the exciting rush of taking on a river rapid or the quiet serenity of navigating backwater creeks, the sport of kayaking draws enthusiasts from all walks of life.

When given the task of producing a program on kayaking, the Outdoors crew jumped at the chance to learn a little about the sport themselves. The crew enlisted the help of the Whitewater Learning Center of Georgia to be their teacher and set out to become master white water kayakers. Graduation: The class two rapids on the upper Chattahoochee River.

Sea kayaking, on the other hand, is specially designed for a more relaxed experience than whitewater kayaking. Sea kayaking affords a diversity of opportunities to explore Georgia’s riverine and coastal ecosystems. From the serene vantage point of a sea kayak a paddler’s perspective affords the opportunity to view wildlife and awe at the splendor of Georgia’s waterways.

We’ll also learn more about how kayaks are made and an Atlanta kayak club.

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Zen Wizard said...

How do you contact that group that organizes a kayak trip down the Chattahoochee to the Gulf of Mexico?

That looked like fun...

Keely said...

You can reach the "Georgia Kayaker" through his website

Other web resources for the show can be found at

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I thought I read that they worked with a kayak outfitter in St. Marys. You might want to double check with

Hope this helps.