Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Georgia Outdoors Friendly Neighborhood Intern Boy

Although now I am an Associate Producer, not too long ago (i.e. a matter of months) I was the Georgia Outdoors Friendly Neighborhood Intern Boy. (GOFNIB) One of the tasks set before me during those intern days was to close caption the current season of shows. I won’t go into too many details (because frankly, who cares?) but suffice it to say that close captioning is, as a general rule of thumb, about a nine on the monot-o-meter.

This held true for all of the close captioning I did as an intern, with the notable exception of the upcoming episode “Nature Photography Contest: Fifth Anniversary”.

As a nature lover and amateur photographer, the “photo contest” shows are some of my favorite in the Outdoors library. It’s great to hear the winners talking about their photographs: what they went through to get the shot, what equipment they used, and so on. The winners always have great advice for any up and coming shutterbugs, and on the top of the list is this one: take lots of pictures. Simple advice, I know, but it’s amazing how easy it can be to forget. It really is the best way to get better at photography. Don’t believe me? Check out Georgia Outdoors: Nature Photography Contest Fifth Anniversary and see for yourself.

And after you watch the show, go out and start taking some pictures for yourself. Why? Because soon we’ll start accepting entries for year six of our contest! Check our website in the coming days for more information. Don’t miss the deadline! If enjoying the outdoors isn’t motivation enough for you, watch this Friday’s episode and check out some of the prize packages our previous photographers have won. : )

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