Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On The Road: Dalton, Pine Mountain & Washington, GA

We at Georgia Outdoors travel a lot! That is to be expected with an outdoors show like ours. Our offices are located in Midtown-- but most of our subjects are not. This week our subjects are in Dalton, Pine Mountain and Washington, GA. That'll be about 600 miles clocked on the ol' GPB van.

Wouldn't you know it-- the first day it has rained in months and months we're in Dalton shooting a segment about Watersmart, a water conservation program of the The Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority. Most of the morning was a bust and the afternoon fell apart too. Luckily, at Georgia Outdoors our shoots don't fall apart that often. My policy for cancellations due to weather is a forecast of 85% or higher chance of rain. Lower than that and we head out anyway.

On Thursday, the focus of the shoot at Pine Mountain is geology and plant ecology of the mountain. Pine Mountain is an anomalously tall area in the Piedmont region with north and south exposures of rock that are probably a billion years old or older. An interesting place for plants. We'll find out what the experts can show us.

And finally, this Friday the Georgia Outdoors crew will find themselves in Washington, GA to take part in "Cemetery Day". Believe it or not, cemeteries count when you're adding up greenspace in an area. Cemeteries are also historic sites that require preservation efforts. This Friday, the town of Washington, GA will be rededicating the African American section of the School Street Cemetery. The area has been cleaned up, archeology surveys have helped identify unmarked graves, and walking tours of cemetery will be offered. We'll be there to catch it all.

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